Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It’s 5 pm in Brisbane...

It’s 5 pm in Brisbane right now - a Thursday afternoon - but I’m not in Brisbane.  I’m in Ontario 14 hours earlier.  It's 3 am here but I’m obviously not sleeping.   Wally, Kate and I arrived in Canada a few days ago and my confused little brain is still living in Australia.

I don’t know yet exactly what I’ll do with this blog now...  I’ll figure it out soon.  But tonight I have some time to speak to you for a while, my dear reader, because nobody else here is awake to listen.

First, I appreciate your attention.  I am told that many friends - and friends of friends - have been reading my foolishness on here in the past months.   This is not a private blog but it was never my intention to make these words and pictures overly public either.  So thank you for your interest, Kate and I truly appreciate anyone whose thoughts and well-wishes have been with our little boy in the past months.  Thank you.

Wallace is 11 pounds, growing fast, and healthy as an ox (knock on Maple).   He handled the big long flights like a little champion.  If you have ever wondered about the look on an infant's face when moving at 850 km per hour at 35, 000 feet... here he is: 

... maybe a bit worried but surprisingly calm.

I had a feeling that my boy wouldn't be troubled by the flight because, as much as Kate and I loved the QLD, Wally was actually starting to show the occasional signs of boredom with his birthplace.

I got the feeling it was time for him to try something different... I tried to explain to him that there were many awesome things that he would miss when we left Australia for colder weather but he seemed generally unimpressed.

I guess each of us has our priorities and for Wallace there is stuff in Canada that easily outweighs anything he had in sunny Australia.  For example: 

Lucky little boy.  There is no shortage of people here like dziadzio and grandpa that have much love for Wallace.  Here is a photo that has captured a common theme in recent days: a loving family member (in this case Kate`s uncle) protecting Wallaby from a mob.  

And don't worry, he may not always look like it but I'm certain Wally loves the attention!

Let me finish today with a message to our friends back in Australia (Wally’s many wonderful sun-soaked aunts and uncles):  Thank you for the hospitality and friendship.  And take care of yourselves until we meet again (Kate and I won’t be able to stay away from the QLD for too long, and I`m sure you already know that Northern Idaho is as a world-class holiday destination :)

.... okay I can't leave you with that last picture of the young'in with his auntie and me; it's just not accurate.  The little one is generally happier this week than we have ever seen him.  Here, how about I leave you with this shot of my pretty little family at LAX (a picture that might actually have been illegal for me to take):