Saturday, September 29, 2007

where are we?

I'm going to try to post a few things today. The first one is for those who like maps and those that have not visited this part of the world.
Brisbane in is the state of Queensland in eastern Australia about a thousand km's warmer than Sydney.
It sits between two popular tourist coastlines: sunshine coast (north) and gold coast (south). It is bigger than we're used to: 2 million and growing. The Brisbane River is pretty notable; it weaves through everything and spills out onto Moreton Bay. We live in a suburb called Kangaroo Point right beside the river across from the Brisbane City Center where Kate has just found a sweet job. I work about 10 clicks south in Nathan suburb. Kate gets to work by river ferry or a walking bridge, I bike. We don’t have a car, and don’t have much need for one day to day but we have rented (‘hired’) one almost every weekend thus far to go sight seeing.

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scott said...

Jake dont normally read blogs but stumbled across yours while looking the website for the Brizzy to Bay charity cycle.
A great read and refreshing common sense(why isnt it common then)
Bill Bryson eat your heart out.
Enjoy your stay in Oz..