Monday, March 16, 2009

Stewart and Colbert

I love what Jon Steward and Steven Colbert do for us. Brilliant - both of them. Especially Colbert, with his entire show 'in red-state character'. The guy is an absolute genius. So much of American news and politics seems to be tailor made for comedy. When I get time to watch them, usually in long bunches online, Steward and Colbert never fail to impress. The shows are funny - VERY funny - but also a bit sad. Blunt sarcasm is probably the best way to present some of the ridiculous realities of the world around us. America is a particularly strange beast. The whole world has its problems but the US has such vast quantities of both good and bad qualities - sense and nonsense – that the contrast is hard to fathom. When these comedians show it to us, and they do it well, I suppose it is inevitably both sad and funny. Full episodes commercial free are streamed online. I am a huge fan.

So here’s the interesting bit: since March 4'th, Jon Stewart has attacked financial news network CNBC for their lack of responsible reporting of the stock market before the crash last year. He has essentially accused them of criminal behaviour. For the episode that aired on Thursday March 12'th, I think Steward should get a medal. The Daily Show and the Colbert Report both stream an archive of episodes online. I recomment you watch a few now and again if you need a laugh. But this one was special.

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