Monday, March 29, 2010

Boys will be boys.

Wallace is 11 days old. He's eating, breathing, and growing like a champion! He can't get enough food or air :)

I'm taking too many pictures. I get very excited when he makes a cool hand signal. I'm trying to catch him using setting signals we used on the Queen's volleyball team back in the day. So far he is asking for a lot of 'back quicks'...

.... and the occasional 'metre ball'.

... which makes me think he might be asking to play right side, but it's hard to tell this early. In any case, I think he should start with high sets out to the stick like a proper beginner before we speed up the tempo and get all fancy. But before all that... 'no pass no play' little guy :)

This next one is not a volleyball signal. Mum is looking a bit annoyed at Wally's hint that he might also like to 'rock out'. I'm not surprised. What young mother would want a drum kit or a huge amp in the house?

And here's the lil'champ chillin with pops.

And I'll leave you with our first of many 'fist bumps'. Nicely done Wallaby!

More to come

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