Monday, November 5, 2007

costumes and sailboats

Aussies don't generally celebrate Halloween but everyone knows 'of it' and lets face it, everyone loves a costume. It was not hard to persuade some of our new friends to give it a go. We got a small group together and gave'er on Friday night. To put it simply: we had an awesome time! An awesome time! Here are a few pics of the costumes and the house party and the bar afterwards (which stayed open until four):

After receiving a very thoughtful going away present from our friend 'the Duke' in London, Kate and I are now huge fans of 'My Name is Earl'. The show really grows on you. It wasn't a very intricate costume effort but we were happy to find that everyone here knows the show and a lot of random people were VERY happy to see Earl at the bar. (Also some were glad to see Borat and others thought I had cheated and started 'Movember' way too early.)

The pirate is our friend Rob, the warewolf is his little brother Josh (who paid all of our cover just by doing a dance for the girl with the cash box at the door after being way too happy about not being carded) and the police woman is our newest friend (and Rob's date) Erica. The 80's punk rocker is my rookie co-worker Sean and the comfortable looking folk in front of the pumpkin are Natasha (boss's partner), Mark (boss) and Kylee (fellow research fellow). In the red devil mask is Greg, a surf loving lawyer that works with Kate. The group of us were the only ones dressed up at the bar that night. Here's one more picture for good measure (check out the awesome Joy-like expression on wife):

Now a sharp topic change: I have a bad case of sailing fever. Strange because I don't know much about sailing. I learned the basics briefly back in the 'Polish Scouts' summer camps when I was twelve'ish and I spent an couple hours Captain Carson's fine vessel in Halifax a few years ago but that's about it. And I have never lived anywhere near any shore. Nonetheless, I love everything about sailing. I am dead set on learning and learning well, and getting as much experience as I can while I'm here.

True story: About thirty years ago when Isaac (Rob, the pirate's, dad) was in his late twenties he and his wife decided to BUILD a forty-five foot boat and sail it around the world. At that time, he had no sailing or boat building experience. He was a teacher. It took them three years to build a yacht (with a hull made of concrete, yes concrete) and three more years to get around the globe in it. Rob was born half way round in Florida. After the trip, the family (two more younger brothers) lived aboard the yacht for most of the next sixteen years and pretty much just sailed around the south Pacific. Rob was schooled by correspondence. He has childhood stories like I have never imagined. He's now also a beach volleyballer, and he's planning to spend June/July 08 in Toronto playing in the OVA tournies. (small world, again) Rob's dad Isaak, now a guidance councelor, is once again living full time aboard his second home-made yacht while he does a one year sabbatical. He is currently harbored in Brisbane for a few weeks having stopped here to visit his sons on his way from Papua New Guinea through to New Zealand. He let us aboard for one afternoon on Saturday. Thank you Isaak.
This was my favorite day in Australia so far (despite the Halloween hang over).

These pictures sum it up as well any amateur photo can. Kate posted everything we took on facebook here if you want to see more. We had an outstanding afternoon (some of it in fairly rough water) sailing out to Bribie island for a quick anchor and swim and then a 'downhill' ride back to Brizzy!

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