Monday, January 14, 2008

life is funny

When I began this blog I intended to have some fun and share a few personal stories with friends and family. Lately I have used it to dive head first into some serious topics. No longer! I will find a different outlet for that. Here, I will continue to report on our interesting or funny Aussie experiences.

Below is a picture of the Brisbane Busway. It is a road used only by busses which runs beside the major highway in and out of the city. I think it is very well designed.

This sign is found inside every bus.

If I was illiterate in English I would be forced to interpret the sign using the three images below the text. Look closely at these images for a moment.

The first one clearly represents a recent amputee who has escaped from a hospital. Disabled people have prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs, not crutches and stumps. Why would an amputee escape from the hospital and get onto my bus? Perhaps he is a criminal, injured during some daring crime. He is probably angry and possibly dangerous. He can have my seat. The second image is not of an old woman but rather a tall woman with a bad back and lunch pail. Perhaps she suffers from Spinabifida. She should have my seat. The third image is of a female with a big booty. I suspect she may be a dancer from a rap video. Being in a rap video does not entitle her to a front seat on the bus. Sir Mix-a-Lot should have bought her a car. At first glance she looked a little bit like a pregnant woman but then I noticed the mini-skirt.

By the way, if a severely pregnant woman ever did step onto my bus – even in a mini-skirt – I would not need a sign. She could have my seat even if I was an escaped amputee with Spinabifita.

Below is a picture of a brand new parking lot outside of a shiny new multimillion dollar research facility at Griffith University. It is part of an expansion of an area of campus known as the Brisbane Innovation Park where I work. Let me repeat that one more time: the ‘Brisbane Innovation Park’.

The parking area is clearly big enough, and intended for, two rows of cars. Hmmm. Hmmm. Did someone graduate at the bottom of the class from the Forest Gump school of parking lot design? Or did the architect just hand a crayon to a three-year-old and walk away?

I swear I took this photograph myself three days ago a hundred meters from my lab. Here's a picture of Sean in front of it as proof.

Life is funny.

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