Friday, May 7, 2010

Costner and Crowe and Wallaby

Wallace entertains me constantly.  He's a gifted entertainer.  Usually it's a well timed sound or  hand wave or look.   The other day, for example, it was 'imaginary archery':


When I was four or five we visited my grandfather's farm and he built me a toy bow with a few wooden arrows with big rounded tips.  I loved it.  It is a memory that holds strong.  I played with that bow until every last arrow was lost or broken - at least an hour or two :)  Perhaps that is why I've always been a big fan of Robin Hood.  

Here is how Wally's Robin Hood impression stacks up against Kevin Costner's performance in one of my favourite boyhood movies.  

But I'm pretty sure that, like me, Wallace  is eager to see Russel Crowe put his stamp on this character.  I can't wait, and I expect it'll be amazing.  I loved Master and Commander, Gladiator, and pretty much everything else he has ever made.

You can imagine that Wallace and I have had a few entertaining moments together in the past week... often it's when Kate is passed out from sleep deprivation but Wallace is very much awake.  And sometimes, mom manages to wake up catch us acting like total goofs!!!

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