Saturday, May 1, 2010


A couple of days ago the fine folks at Mater Hospital’s Nursery handed us beautiful little baby boy and did not ask for him back.  Their job was done (and they were brilliant) and our job has started (...and time will tell how we do) because Wallaby is home!

That’s right, you heard me... Wallaby is home!!!

But the look on Wally’s face as he left ‘professional’ care suggested that he might not be so sure that leaving was in his best interest.  I could almost hear him thinking: “You’re not seriously going to let these two take me home are you?  They have no training!!!”.

Fear not young'in...  I’m a quick study.  But like it or not, I must practice on you.

After 40 busy days on the ‘inside’ my young Wallaby finally earned his freedom after reaching a  whopping 4.5 lbs (gigantic by his standards).  He is home about three weeks ahead of his ‘original’ due date.  Unlike your average kiddie, before leaving hospital my son had been held and handled by three or four dozen skilled nurses.  And they were good.  So he came home calm and happy, feeding regularly, and sleeping soundly, well mannered and predictable.  He's got a nice regular little eat-sleep-eat-poop-sleep schedule happening.  Kate and I feel like we cheated as parents by letting professionals do the early work for us - but I think Wallace was happy about it.  

He’s a cute kid - as you can see :) - and Kate is madly in love with him.  And she is very good with him... and very good to him.  

How fortunate am I today?

I'd like to sincerely thank the friends and family who have been with Wallace in thoughts and prayers, and calls, and emails, and mail.  I hope that the excitement is behind us now and our life becomes far too boring to write about in the coming months and years.  But I will keep posting a picture or two of Wally on this blog for a bit longer (he is growing so fast) along with a story or two in the coming months as we finish up our adventure in this hemisphere.


Hubbard Family said...

So happy to hear that he is home. Enjoy every little moment??? Can I send Simon and Cooper to those nurses? It would be great for them to get on a sleep's only been four years:)

Libby said...

Thanks for sharing the journey with us!! I'm so happy and excited for you both and that is the cutest 'hooray' picture of Wally at the start :)

terry said...

We all told Kate that she said she didn't like kids, that she would like it if it was hers!

terry said...

try that again..
We all told Kate, when she said she didn't like kids, that she would if it were hers!

Tony McGurk said...

That 1st photo is awesome. It looks like he is saying "YAY!!!!"
We were living in Brizzy for 5 years until 4 years ago then we came back to Tasmania to escape the heat.